'Boiling Points' Actress And Producer Talk About Pulling Prank On Not-Yet-Famous Lady Gaga

By Saimon Kos

With all the young people who find themselves in front of the camera on MTV, it's no surprise that a handful would end up becoming famous for more than that first 15 minutes. Literally hundreds of kids have dated someone's mom, told a potential date "Next!" or even reached their "boiling point" without even knowing that they were being taped. But who would have ever guessed that back in 2005, Lady Gaga fell victim to MTV, when she still went by her birth name Stefani Germanotta.


So what did the people working on "Boiling Points" think of Lady Gaga? I did a little research and tracked down a few people involved to see what they could tell me about Gaga before she put on her "poker face."

Rebekka Johnson was the actress playing the waitress for this restaurant prank. When I got her on the phone, she told me that she had just recently found out about her close encounter with Lady Gaga. She's actually a big Gaga fan, and when the "Boiling Points" video started making the rounds, she found out about it through Facebook. As friends who saw it started recognizing her, it didn't take long for Rebekka to start getting a ton of messages and comments about it. Interestingly, Rebekka told me that they almost pulled the plug on the Gaga prank. "I remember when she went downstairs she stayed on her phone for a long time," she told me. "We almost decided to end the shoot because we weren't sure when she was coming back up."

During the prank Rebekka remembered, "her cursing at me and saying that obviously I would eat garbage because I was disgusting." Still, when it was all done and the cameras were revealed, she thought that Lady Gaga was "pretty cool" about the whole thing.

Elizabeth Levin was a producer for the segment, and thought Gaga was the "best mark in the piece!" She recalls that it was her friends that helped MTV set up the prank. They were all in the makeshift control room in the back of the restaurant with Elizabeth watching the whole thing go down.

So as it turns out, Lady Gaga was a part of the MTV family long before she appeared on the VMAs!