Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Prince Charming Is Getting His Own Live-Action Movie

Take a bow.

There have been quite a few live-action versions of Prince Charming recently: Sam Claflin in "Snow White and the Huntsman," Chris Pine in "Into the Woods," Josh Dallas in ABC's "Once Upon a Time," and Richard Madden in "Cinderella," to name a few.

(Quick note from Captain Obvious: Fairy tale reboots are so in right now.)

But the dashing chap has never really been front and center of the cinematic spotlight so long as Cinderella's been sharing the scenes. Now, though, Disney wants to put the glass slipper shoe on the other foot, so to speak, and let the beau's side of the story be known.

According to Deadline, Disney has firmed up its plans to create a Charming-centric picture, which is said to be a "revisionist take on the fairy tales" we all know and love.

Which shouldn't be too terribly difficult considering we really only know a few things for sure about the mysterious and handsome Prince, including these facts:

His hair is just fabulous.


Prince Charming Shrek GIF

He can handle himself at a formal dance.


Prince Charming Dance

His manners are second to none.


Prince Charming bow GIF

He knows how to ride a horse quite well.


Prince CHarming Horse

He's got the dreamiest smile.


Prince Charming Smile2

Anddddddd, he's got the slow-kiss drive-away thing on lock.


Prince Charming Slow Kiss

No word yet on a proposed release date for the pic, but you can bet your knickers we'll be praying to our Fairy Godmothers that this one turns out as smashing as can be.

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