Blink-182’s ‘Can’t Get You More Pregnant’ Is Scientifically Inaccurate

The 35-second song isn’t exactly sex ed

This week in artists who do the most, Blink-182 have released a lyric video for their 35-second, two-sentence song "Can't Get You More Pregnant." The track, which you can download for free here, comes with their upcoming deluxe edition of 2016's California.

"I can't get you more pregnant / But if you're worried at all, I can take care of myself," Mark Hoppus sings. Here's the lyric video, in case you want to see those lines again in pretty watercolors.

Interestingly, Blink-182 have their science wrong. Though extremely rare, it is possible to get a girl "more pregnant" if she continues ovulating after already getting pregnant. This phenomenon is called superfetation, and doctors have no clear medical explanation for it yet.

BBC reports that there have only been 10 recorded cases, but the babies are typically born healthy as if they were twins — even though they were technically conceived days or weeks apart. Man, human bodies are weird.

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