5 Times We Cried Tears Of Joy During The 'Teen Wolf' Premiere

Sheriff Stilinski is going to be okay -- does it get any better?

As per usual, this week's "Teen Wolf" winter premiere resulted in a rollercoaster of emotions for us "TW" diehards.

Stiles' dad was dying... and then he was living. Sciles hated each other one minute... and were besties the next. While we're still awaiting a pleasant ending for many of our "Teen Wolf" favorites (*cough* LYDIA), we were blessed with our fair share of heroic, happy moments this week:

Chris Argent returns


We never thought we'd be so glad to see Allison's volatile ol' man! (RIP, Allison.) With Scott's pack dwindling at a fast rate, he knew he had to call in some powerful reinforcements... but sadly, the wolf hunter's massive firearms were no match for the Dread Doctors.

Sheriff Stilinski regains his health (yay!)


To further drive a wedge between Scott and Stiles, Theo took a stab (literally) at Sheriff Stilinski, and we spent the better part of this week's episode in agony right along with Stiles as we waited for news about his condition. When the sheriff's health took a turn for the worse, we too shed a tear or 12. Stiles already lost his mother, and now his dad, too?! IT'S NOT FAIR. Luckily, Melissa McCall is in tune with the supernatural and was able to order an immediate surgery to remove a piece of poisonous bone (left over a berserker chimera, no doubt) to save the sheriff's life. Three cheers for Mama McCall!

Sciles is back together again (double yay!)


We were unsure whether or not these former best friends would ever reunite after their loyalty and trust for one another was put to a major test, leading Scott to practically kick Stiles out of his pack. Thankfully, the two shed their differences (and a wretched misunderstanding) to join forces in order to save Stiles' father. SO happy. If there's no Sciles, there may as well be no "Teen Wolf," as far as we're concerned.

Liam finds Hayden... alive!


YES!!! We just love these two. Liam was essentially destroyed when Hayden died during the summer finale, but then she was resurrected (by Theo, no less). When Liam finally found her alive, we got a big ol' case of the warm fuzzies. Sure, Hayden seemed pretty angry with the adorable beta — we'd be mad, too, if we died — but surely she'll get over it, right?

Parrish breaks into Eichen House


IS HE COMING TO SAVE LYDIA FROM VALACK'S HAND DRILL?! Please say he is. We're all but begging at this point.

Which scene from the "Teen Wolf" winter premiere made you sob into your popcorn with happiness? Tell us, and catch the next ep this Tuesday at 9/8c!

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