Charlie Puth’s Got A Major Crush On Kendall Jenner, Plus 8 Other Secrets We Learned

All in GIFs!

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You probably know Charlie Puth because you've been singing his song "See You Again" with Wiz Khalifa for weeks. Or maybe you know him as the "Marvin Gaye" singer who was lucky enough to kiss Meghan Trainor in his music video. But there is so much more about the 23-year-old that you don't know.

And guess what? We're here to fill you in on his most embarrassing moment, his celebrity crush, that time he got super starstruck by Harry Styles and so much more.

So here are nine fun facts about the up-and-coming singer… in GIFs!

He Brings His Dog On Dates

1 - M2zuO1R

Dogs are man's best friend, but in Charlie's case, his dog is also the perfect wingman. The singer decided to bring Brady, his King Charles Cavalier, on his first date -- and let's just say the pup turned out to be his lucky charm.

"My first date ever, I was kind of nervous so I was like, 'I'm going to bring Brady to this walk on the beach with this girl,' and she was like, 'Oh my gosh I have a King Charles Cavalier too.' I'm like, 'Money, perfect, amazing,'" he told us.

He's Got A Crush On Kendall

2 - TRuI2fw

I mean, who doesn't have a crush on Kendall Jenner? As Charlie put it's she's 'tall,' pretty' and 'doesn't seem full of herself.'

So what would he say to her if he got the chance to meet her? Well, just that. "I would say, 'You're tall and pretty and not full of yourself, I like you. Marry me?'" he told us.

Harry Styles Left Him Starstruck Over Sushi

3 - ad64LtF

I'll agree with Charlie on this one, seeing Harry Styles in person does leave you a bit starstruck -- so I don't blame him for not being able to concentrate on his sushi when running into the One Direction star in a restaurant. But Harry might have blamed him for blowing up his spot.

"I sat down and Harry Styles walked in, and it was at a time where I was starting to talk about my record deal so I had to really focus at this dinner," Charlie told us. "But Harry was sitting right there, and I'm a huge fan of One Direction. I was like 'What's wrong with me right now?' And then I tweeted, not at Harry, but like, 'Oh my goodness Harry Styles is here...' and then swarms of paparazzi... in like 5 minutes they were there. But then he followed me [on Twitter], which is probably Harry's way of being like, 'Don't do that again.'"

He's Such A Prankster

4 - QrmXRll

Charlie said he always found ways to mess with the teachers in high school, but one prank was not only was pretty epic, it got him in a bit of trouble. See, his high school didn't have a traditional school bell, so Charlie decided to make his own. So 15 minutes before school was set to end Charlie sounded a bell, which sent teachers packing and students waiting for buses that weren't there -- while Charlie got a date with detention.

"I got three consecutive detentions -- they tried to suspend me," he said.

His Most Embarrassing Memory Is Pretty Painful -- Literally

5 - IGVmOji

It's totally embarrassing taking a really bad fall, but it's pretty much mortifying taking a spill in front of all of your classmates.

"The janitor didn't wipe the stairs thoroughly and I was like, 'It smells like lemons in here -- it's nice today,' and I fell right on my head, my book bag flying everywhere, like a freshman in school and everyone was clapping," Charlie recalled.

He Had An Unexpected First Kiss

6 - AWKhquu

Everyone remembers their first kiss -- some were magical, some were plain bad and others, like Charlie's, were completely unexpected.

"My first kiss was actually very young -- almost kind of promiscuous," he said. "I was 13 and I was at my beach club, and this girl had thrown a talent show... and she threw a scarf, while she was dancing, around my neck, and my 13-year-old self was like, 'Oh that's a nice scarf' and then [she kissed me] and then I'm like, 'What is this feeling that I'm feeling?'

He's A Hustler

7 - gFHMSyF

As Charlie put it he was a "entrepreneur and kind of a sleazeball" as a young kid at the beach.

"I used to charge people $1 to sit," he said. "I had three toy buckets and I would put hot water in them, because we weren't allowed to sit in the jacuzzi, we weren't old enough, so I would charge people $1 and everyone would line up, and everyone would sit in this disgusting hot water-sand-filled thing and I would get $1 and go to the snack bar and get an Oreo."

He's Got A 'License To Grill'

8 - tLJ673r

Want to know the way to Charlie's heart? Then treat him to a meal at Chili's and you may just become his favorite person -- because he is seriously obsessed. Oh, and he isn't picky, either, since he orders the same exact thing every time.

"The Triple Dipper with the egg rolls, the chicken fingers with extra honey mustard sauce and buffalo, which I also dip in the honey mustard sauce -- a little unconventional, but quite tasty -- and then a chicken sandwich and then a big dessert," he said.

You're Gonna Hear Him Roar

9 - ycAmUie

Well, not exactly. See, Charlie really wants to come back in his next life as giraffe, but didn't know how to make a fun GIF impersonating one, so he went with a lion. But his reasoning for wanting to be a giraffe is too hysterical not to share.

"I would be giraffe because I just want to experience what a sore throat and being a giraffe feels like," he said. "It would be really uncomfortable walking around in the Sahara and being like, 'I really need like 15 lozenges for my giraffe body.'"

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