Gina Rodriguez Is On A Crusade To Promote Kindness -- And Stop Bullying

G.Rod is on a mission.

When Gina Rodriguez isn't busy melting our hearts on "Jane The Virgin" or powering the world with her zillion-watt smile, she's spreading positivity and, most importantly, promoting kindness.

In partnership with CustomInk‘s 5th Annual "Be Good to Each Other" Bullying Prevention Campaign, G.Rod has designed a custom tee with the slogan "Kindness Is Always In Style." All proceeds will go to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. The slogan has a special meaning for Rodriguez.

"Kindness is always in style," she told MTV News. "It's not about the clothes you wear but about your character and what you put into the world -- that's your style. That's what people remember you by."

The "Jane The Virgin" star hopes to show her fans that no one is immune to bullying, not even Rodriguez herself.

"I totally experienced bullying," she said. "Except it was different when I was a teenager because we didn't have social media. We didn't have Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, where you can be nasty to somebody and everybody can see it. Or you can expose somebody's vulnerabilities or insecurities. I didn't have that. I was bullied in a controlled environment. Now, you can bully someone halfway around the world. And that's very dangerous. Not only are those who are hurting getting hurt publicly, but you're allowing for that sick cycle to continue."

"That's what is so great about 'Be Good To Each Other.' We're going right to the source and educating children and their parents to create change. I was definitely bullied as a kid, but I was a tough kid. I had elders around me who could help me and tell me that when someone said something nasty, it wasn't true -- It was their pain that was doing that to them. Not everybody has that support system, so we're trying to create that."

Asked what advice she would give her teen self, Rodriguez had a very simple, yet important response: "Girl, love yourself today. You ain't got time to worry about what you should be or what you could be or what needs to change in order for other people to like you. Love yourself today because you are enough. You are beautiful."