'Crimson Peak’ Star Tom Hiddleston Has An Awesome Reason For Believing In Ghosts

He ain't afraid of them, that's for sure.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In the world of "Crimson Peak," ghosts aren't just real -- they're straight-up scaring Mia Wasikowska half to death with all their blood dripping and spooky noises.

So you'd think that the people responsible for bring those spooks and nasties to life would be ready to deny the existence of ghosts entirely -- but when MTV News asked Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain and director Guillermo Del Toro about their own belief in the supernatural during a recent press junket, a surprising number of them were totally down with the concept.

"I have experienced [ghosts] and I believe. Everybody in my family, most people have experienced that," del Toro said. "I don't know if it's in the water but in Mexico, it's more usual to encounter the strange and the supernatural." Well, that explains a lot of his film career thus far for sure.

Chastain went a step further, proclaiming that she believes that not only are ghosts real, but so are aliens. ("Isn't life more interesting when they are?") Meanwhile, Wasikowska went in the opposite direction, saying she feels that metaphorical ghosts have power but the real danger is our fellow humans.

And Tom Hiddleston, of course, had the best answer of the bunch.

"My imagination wants to believe in ghosts," he said. "I certainly loved ghosts as a child. I'm sure there are people who could explain the physical impossibility of supernatural phenomena, but it's more fun to believe in a world with ghosts -- if only because it's fun to believe in a world with 'Ghostbusters.'"

Crimson Peak hits theaters October 16.

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