You'll Love Steve Carell's 'Anchorman' Audition Like Brick Loves Lamp

The 'Anchorman' Blu-ray feature shows a smiley Carell before he got the part.

Here's the standard emoticon for great happiness: :D. Now here's Steve Carell's face during the audition that clinched him the role of simpleton weather man Brick Tamland in 2004's "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy": :D.

See the resemblance?

Today marks the release of a special-edition Blu-ray of "Anchorman," dubbed the "rich mahogany" version and packed with extras, including one that fans who list both Carell and "lamp" among things they love. Yes, a snippet of Carell's audition for Brick, in which he mimes eating a wad of used coffee filters and cigarette butts that the character has confused for "one of those delicious falafel hot dogs with cinnamon and bacon on top," is included among the special features on the disc.

Will Ferrell, in character as anchorman Ron Burgundy, can be heard offscreen, egging Carell on in the improvised sequence until Carell turns a unique shade of purple, laughing. "I got nothing," he says at the end of the clip.

Well, obviously, he got the part.

Carell, Ferrell and the rest of the Channel 4 News team will be reprising their roles in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," due out December 18. If two weeks is too long to wait, don't worry -- there's plenty of "Anchorman" to saturate yourself in. Washington D.C.'s Newseum has an "Anchorman" exhibit, Ben and Jerry's has released a limited edition ice cream flavor, and soon, Great Odin's Beard Special Reserve scotch will hit liquor stores. No need to lock yourself in a glass case of emotion.

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