Lady Gaga Loses Head On 'X Factor UK'

Singer performs 'Marry the Night' in gown that makes her appear headless.

Lady Gaga lost her head on Sunday night when she took the stage on

target="_blank">"X Factor UK" to perform "Marry the Night."

Gaga, decked out in a gown that made her appear headless, emerged from a crypt as torches burned around the stage. Her dancers did most of the heavy lifting in the movement department, while Gaga let all the action happen around her, standing in the middle of the stage donning the unusual costume. As the song closed out, Gaga went back in the box and came back out in just a black bodysuit, finally getting in on the dancing for the gothic performance of the Born This Way track, an ode to her hometown of New York.

After the performance, Gaga confirmed that she was deep into the planning stages for her next tour. "I'm gonna be here [in Britain] next year for my next tour. I just finished designing the stage and it's bigger and better than ever," she said on the show. "I'm so happy. I can't wait to see you all there."

In addition to tour plans, Gaga took to Twitter to confirm that she's near completion on two upcoming projects, her [article id="1672512"]video for "Marry the Night"[/article] as well as her forthcoming [article id="1673746"]Thanksgiving special[/article].

"Been up all night editing my first TWO films as director!" she wrote.

"Marry The Night Video + 'A Very Gaga Thanksgiving' the 2nd airing on thanksgiving!" She teased the [article id="1674180"]"Marry the Night" clip[/article] last night in a still photograph, in which she appeared to be rolled down a hallway on a gurney.

Gaga made other headlines Monday (November 14) when it was announced that she had split from longtime [article id="1674286"]creative director Laurieann Gibson[/article]. MTV News confirmed the split between the longtime collaborators. The singer noted on Twitter that she is now working with Gibson's former #2, Richard Jackson.