Matty Or Jenna: Who's Responsible For The 'Awkward' Couple's Latest Split?

The two imploded during his visit to Wyckoff.

The latest Awkward mystery – what happened to Matty and Jenna that led to their latest breakup – has been solved. But another lingers: Whose fault was it?

On tonight’s new episode, Jenna, who’d previously kept her lips sealed about her split from Matty, finally decided to spill the beans to ex-boyfriend Luke. Evidently, it all began when Matty visited Jenna at Wyckoff seven months before summer began, when fall break proved to be anything but a vacation.


Almost immediately after touching down in Maine, Matty had seemed to have a singular interest: keeping Jenna in bed. Jenna, on the other hand, wanted to introduce Matty to her group of writer friends, share takes on the postmodern lit scene and throw back a few organic pumpkin beers. Jatty pushed and pulled until their silent battle erupted at a Halloween party, and Matty dismissed Jenna’s new life.

“Jenna, your friends are boring and I literally don’t care about anything they’re saying,” Matty said. Instead of putting up a fight, Jenna conceded and took Matty home, but her resentment began to spike.

After sleeping off the small tirade, Matty apologized for his behavior and explained that he was projecting disappointment from being benched on Berkeley’s soccer team. Since he had nothing keeping him in California, he then confessed to Jenna that he’d decided to transfer to Wyckoff to be with her. But Jenna, still freshly annoyed from Matty’s recalcitrance, immediately protested. She’d finally found her footing in life, she explained, and was afraid Matty’s company would only function as a depressing distraction. Moreover, Jenna didn’t want to enable Matty’s new defeatist attitude.


“I won’t be that excuse for you,” she said. “I have never felt like I do here. I have never felt more like myself and I don’t want to lose you – I love you with all my heart – but I don’t want to lose the person I’m becoming.”

Matty, who seized under the sting of rejection, immediately cut Jenna loose, picked up his stuff and left. She noted to Luke that the October fallout was the last she’d seen of him until the start of summer break.

What do you think: Is Jenna to blame for Jatty’s breakup, and was she insensitive in Matty’s time of need? Or was she right to give Matty tough love, and would he have unrightfully impeded on her undergrad awakening? Share your thoughts, and see if these two can figure it out next Tuesday at 10/9c!