Move Over Leo, Martin Scorsese's Got A New Man Muse

Welcome to the big time, Miles Teller.

Was it just our imagination, or did Miles Teller look a little wistful every time “Whiplash” star J.K. Simmons took the stage to collect another prize this awards season?

If so, it’s because Mr. Fantastic probably has ambitions to find himself up at the podium, thanking this person and that person for all their hard work whilst doing a mental skip-kick that it’s him and not the other guy(s) going home with the trophy.

Well, lucky for him, it looks like the stars are aligning to give Teller all the tools to be the next B.F.D. On top of all his superhero-ing for the “Fantastic Four” reboot and being a baddie heartthrob for the “Divergent” series, he's also about to rub elbows with Martin Scorsese on a sure-to-be-gut-wrenching biopic.

In “Bleed for This,” which has just been warred over at Cannes by the money guys, Teller will star as Vinny Paz (full name: Vincent Pazienza), a boxing legend who overcame a near-fatal car accident and a broken neck to return to the ring. Which means much crying will happen.

And Scorsese is executive producing the pic, which ... well, everyone knows that’s one pair of elbows one does well to rub. So, yeah. Lucky Miles. It also explains some of the festival fervor over the pic. Because all the investors got was a 12 minute preview of it, and that resulted in a $4 million distributor bidding bout.

Miles Teller

Naturally, industry gunners are already pegging Teller as an early contender (and not just in the faux movie ring) for next year’s round of recognition. Which means Miles Teller is this close to being an official member of the Big Time.

This all probably made it a little easier for him to endure all of the ass-kicking that accompanied his physical preparations for this role. Because he told the New York Post, "I ice my hands, ice my feet, ice everything, everyday." The Academy does love method.

We have a good feeling about this one, friends.

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