Here's What Some Of Our Favorite Celebs Can Teach Us About Fat-Shaming

Your body is nobody's business.

With warmer months there usually comes skimpier clothes, which all too often comes with fat-shaming. That shaming can either come internally from our own thoughts, or externally from people who think it’s okay to bully someone for their weight.

Whether someone resorts to name-calling or says you shouldn’t eat dessert, the truth is it’s your body and not their business. Of course being healthy is important, but you can talk about that with your doctor, and you can be healthy at different weights.

If someone tries to bring your day down, you just know you’re # 1, weight is not an automatic determinate of health, and you’re too busy doing awesome things to worry about what someone says.

Or you can follow the advice of these celebrities and body positive messengers who responded to being fat-shamed by calling the fat-shaming out.

After being treated for an eating disorder, Demi Lovato knows the harm fat-shaming can bring.

P!nk gave a lengthy response to being fat-shamed.

And P!nk added a picture for some extra love.

Demi Lovato was one of many people to share this news anchor's video when it first went viral.

As Lady Gaga points out, it's shallow to mock people for how they look.

The author of "Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion" has spoken up on the issue.

As they say, beauty doesn't have a weight limit.

Tess Holliday has broken into modeling at a size 22, and her successful career has no time for haters.

And because this is beautiful.