Zayn Just Dropped A Banger With Snakehips — And A New 'Ghostbusters' Song

‘wHo’ and ‘Cruel’ have both arrived

It’s a big day for a certain former member of One Direction.

Not only does the Ghostbusters soundtrack come out today featuring Zayn’s appropriately capitalized “wHo,” but the singer also has a brand new single out with Snakehips.

Zayn features on the electronic duo’s new song “Cruel,” and his vocal performance is above and beyond most of what we’ve heard out of him so far. Snakehips are exactly the right producers to push Zayn to his emotional extremes — their new collaboration proves it.

His solo song “wHo” isn’t too shabby either, as Zayn repurposes a lyric from the Ghostbusters theme song for his own romantic narrative: “Who you gonna call when you need somebody?"

He’s already put out his debut solo album this year, but Zayn just keeps staying busy.

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