Um, Kylie Jenner Is Already Changing Her Brand New Hair

The process is being live-tweeted. Seriously.

Celebrities, believe it or not, are not really all that like us. Case in point: Kylie Jenner. A mere day after revealing her new blonde hue and sharing how she had to wear wigs so her hair was healthy enough to go lighter, she's changing it up.

Kylie is currently on set for an Elle Canada December cover shoot. Kylie describes it as a "Live Cover"—while we don't know what that means exactly, we, the people, have been promised exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage. First order of business? A haircut.

While her hair is still long, direct your attention to the left-hand corner of the photo—that's definitely a couple of inches that she's ditching! While she could just be chopping off excess extension length—assuming her new hair includes some assistance, of course—she could, potentially, be going for a dramatic change. It is impromptu, after all.

Almost three hours later, Kylie gave us a sneak peek at the final look—her hair still falls below her shoulders, but it is for sure shorter than it was during her initial blonde reveal.

She also gave us a preview of her newly bleached brows—they were bleached on set to match her hair. Dang, really going all out for your cover, eh, Kylie? It looks good on you, so #WERKKK.

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