Zoe Saldana Stars In Sia’s Gut-Wrenching ‘Free Me’ Video

A stunning ballad for an important cause

Sia’s latest emotional ballad covers quite the weighty subject matter, so she called on a couple Hollywood friends to help lift the load.

In the singer's new video for “Free Me,” Zoe Saldana plays an expectant mother who goes for a check-up only to find out that she’s HIV positive. In a voiceover from Julianne Moore, we find out that Saldana could pass the disease on to her unborn child if she goes untreated.

Saldana subsequently goes through a whirlwind of emotions, expressed through beautiful interpretative choreography. Sia’s stunning vocals soar above it all, and an orchestra swells as Saldana decides to fight, overcomes, and later holds a healthy baby in her arms.

The gut-wrenching video was directed by Blake Martin and choreographed by Sia’s longtime collaborator Ryan Heffington, who worked with the singer for “Chandelier,” “Cheap Thrills,” and “The Greatest.”

“Free Me” is available digitally on June 9, and all proceeds will go to the #endHIV Campaign, which raises funds for HIV/AIDS treatments.

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