Watch Juvenile Give The Perfect Response To A Lil Wayne Vs. Birdman Question

Juvie is prepping his <i>Mardi Gras II</i> mixtape and staying out of the drama.

Juvenile is officially back on Cash Money Records, and his first release will be the compilation mixtape Mardi Gras II, due out on March 26.

In addition to features from Rick Ross and Future, it will also spotlight up-and-coming rappers (many from New Orleans) including Lil Cali, 0017 Keem, Skip, Juvenile's own son, BG’s son and Magnolia Slim’s son.

And, of course, there will be Mannie Fresh beats.

"We’ve been rocking with Mannie Fresh all day," Juvie told MTV News, "Lately it's been an Internet thing -- him sending me some beats or something with his hook on it -- we haven’t gotten in the studio like we usually do yet, but it's coming."

Now that he's back on the label, where he first built a name for himself, Juvenile knows there's some pressure, but he's embracing it.

"[There are] definitely expectations. I expect everybody to have expectations and the label to have expectations – so I'm not saying I have to top anybody or compete but I am gonna compete with everybody and try to top everybody, it's just the nature of this business."

The "Back That Azz Up" rapper rejoins the label at what seems like a tumultuous time, however, since Lil Wayne is currently at odds with Birdman. And, on top of that, there's Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince throwing shots at both Baby and Wayne, even though Juvenile released his 2014 album The Fundametals on the Houston-based label.

Juvenile's solution? Just stay out of it.

"I never signed with Rap-A-Lot. We did joint ventures and I’m still very tight with J. Prince, so the things that’s going on right now with J. Prince and Cash Money and Wayne is something that caught me on the blind side," he told MTV News. "I’m on the outside looking in and just playing my position."

"I was surprised like everyone," he added of a recording, which Prince released last month issuing threats. "It's one of them situations where you don’t know, and you just stay out of it and hope it’s a solution to it.”

As when it comes to Wayne's falling out with Birdman, he's implying the same strategy, explaining that Weezy didn't get involved when he had his own issues with Cash Money a few years back.

"[Wayne] gave me the same amount of respect," Juvie said. "He stayed out of the way, he let it all resolve itself and I'm giving him the same respect.”

Right now, the New Orleans rapper is squarely focused on the Mardi Gras II mixtape, and the solo album he plans to release later this year.

You won't hear another Drake collaboration (like "Sho Me Love") on the tape, but they definitely have plans to get some work done.

"We’ve got a relationship," he explained. "When he goes back to Canada after his [shows] he wants us to come meet him. I was supposed to go to OVO [Fest] last year and I missed it. He went out of his way to get me there but I couldn’t make it.”

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