Miley Cyrus Gets 'High As F---' With New 'Bangerz' BFF Wayne Coyne

Cyrus records a Beatles cover (and does so much more) with the Flaming Lips' frontman.

Miley Cyrus spent the first month of the Bangerz tour creating a controlled chaos that left us wondering [article id="1724205"]"WTF?!?"[/article]

Now, as the trek enters month number two, she's forged a friendship with a fellow Fearless Freak, Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne ... and, once again, all we can do is wonder what the heck is happening.

Yes, it all started on Friday (March 14), when Coyne posted a pic of Cyrus rolling a joint -- using custom Bangerz papers, of course -- on his Instagram account, telling the world that the two were "recordin" together ... and that they were "high as f---" (an important detail.)

That was followed by another photo of Miley in a vocal booth, "vomiting diamonds" (according to Coyne) while singing the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

The collaboration, which presumably took place around Miley's show in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the Lips hail from Oklahoma City), followed an earlier appearance by Coyne at the Bangerz stop in Los Angeles, where he joined Cyrus onstage to sing the Lips' "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots."

Of course, it's not exactly clear where the cover of "Lucy in the Sky" will end up ... a rep for the Flaming Lips told MTV News that everything is still in the "preliminary planning stages." But that didn't stop Miley from preserving the moment for posterity as only she could: by getting a crying kitty tattoo insider her lower lip.

Coyne -- [article id="1685827"]who has previously recorded[/article] with another pop oddity, Kesha -- showed his mutual admiration by adding a picture of Miley to his ever-changing collection of nail art:

The two then joined forces once again during the Bangerz Tulsa show, doing another version of "Yoshimi" ... this time while Miley was dressed as a hot dog. Because that's just what BFFs do, apparently.