'NSYNC's Return On Hold While JC Flies Solo, Justin Confirms

Group wants to give Chasez the solo-shine time Timberlake enjoyed.

'NSYNC fans who have been waiting for the band to regroup shouldn't hold their breath -- though the boy band had previously talked about starting to work together this January, those plans are now on hold.

"It could be spring or summer. We never really set a date in stone," Justin Timberlake said. "We just said, 'Let's just start getting all of us in place so we can start making a record again' (see [article id="1470656"]"New 'NSYNC In 2004, But First A Joey Fatone Comedy LP"[/article]). That's the way a record should be made. It's more fun that way. You just have to follow the inspiration where it goes."

Why the delay? The band wants to make sure that JC Chasez gets as much time as Timberlake did to explore a solo career. While a date for 'NSYNC to resume working together wasn't officially pushed back, JC's debut album Schizophrenic has been, repeatedly (see [article id="1474058"]"JC Chasez 'Really, Really Happy' With Album, But Pushes Back Release Date"[/article]), from August 26 to October 21 to most recently, January 27. Not that the delays should affect the next 'NSYNC record indefinitely.

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"We're not really going to postpone it too much," Chasez said. "My record's done, so I can go to work any time. As far as me being out there, I'm going to take my chances with mine, that's just the way it is. But we're going to be friends forever, so the record will get done no matter what. It's just a matter of timing."

However long it takes, though, his bandmates are willing to wait. For his part, Timberlake is considering whether his solo stretch has run its natural course, or if it's time to start thinking about a next single or even the next record.

"Everything is peaceful and easy right now," Timberlake said. "Obviously, all the jitters will come back when it's time to do the second album. But I hadn't really listened to my record in a while, and the other week, I listened to it and I really enjoyed it. I don't know if that's cocky or pretentious or whatever, but I mean that in the most humble of ways. What I realized is that I feel like I'm over the hump."

"The first four or five months [after Justified's release], it was me out there trying to prove to everybody that I could do this on my own, because there was so much skepticism," he continued. "And I feel like I stepped up to the plate, so that the second half of this year has just been about enjoying the ride, and feeling like there was no pressure anymore."

Because of that experience, Timberlake said that he wants Chasez to have the same chance to prove himself, on his own terms, away from the band.

"I want to sit back and support his record," Timberlake said. "Just as his friend, I want him to have every opportunity I had."

—Jennifer Vineyard, with additional reporting by [article id="1453175"]John Norris [/article]and Corey Moss