"Fuller House": Kimmy's Gibbler's Smokin' Hot Ex-Husband Takes Us Behind The Scenes

Plus, there were two "Full House" reunions this weekend.

In probably one of the strangest TV announcements of the year, Juan Pablo Di Pace — aka "Hot Jesus" — was cast as Kimmy Gibbler's (Andrea Barber) ex-husband Fernando on "Fuller House." Seriously, weird, goofy Kimmy landed a dreamboat for a man — so there's definitely hope for the rest of us. (Of course, the couple are divorced on the show, but details, details.)

Di Pace became known as "Hot Jesus" when he played Jesus in "A.D. The Bible Continues." And the "hot" part? See for yourself.

Di Pace's casting announcement for the Netflix revival series of "Full House" occurred back in October. Since then, he's been sharing some fun behind-the-scene pics on Instagram. And because we need distractions until the show's 2016 premiere, let's check them out.

Fernando, Day 1

According to TV Line, "Fernando — with whom Kimmy shares a daughter named Ramona — is being described as 'inappropriately passionate,' a character trait largely responsible for the couple’s split. Still, he’s 'relentless' in his efforts to win Kimmy back." Awww.

Despite the announcement, I guess people still didn't believe Di Pace would grace "Fuller House" with his presence.

"Proof!," captioned Di Pace. You tell 'em, Fernando!

O.M.G. The Gibbler Family is everything.

When Ramona Gibbler's personality was revealed back in May, we learned, "Though she’s bi-racial, Ramona fully embraces her Latina heritage, and considers living with the 'white-bread Tanners' to be 'totally lame.' She’s described as being smart, but not into school." Ramona is played by Soni Nicole Bringas.

Kimmy and Fernando may be divorced, but it sounds like Fernando is in denial.

"She's my wife and I loves her. What a wonderful lady @andreabarber #FullerHouse #KimmyGibbler #Fernando @fullerhousenetflix," Di Pace wrote. Well, she was your wife, but OK.

Fernando and Danny Tanner

This pic was taken during the filming of Episode 1. Kimmy always got on Danny's (Bob Saget) nerves. I wonder if Fernando will be the same way?

First live taping

I not-so-secretly hate everyone in this picture — because they got to see "Fuller House" in action.

Family bonding

A bunch of the cast got into the Halloween spirt by partying it up at a haunted house. "Having a blast at @unistudios #UniversalHHN doing the @horrornights tour! With all the #FullerHouse Cast!!! What a terrifying night...," admitted Di Pace.

Table read

Seriously, why isn't this show out yet?!

Hottie 1 and Hottie 2

There is too much eye candy in this photo with Hot Jesus AND John Stamos. Have mercy! (Sorry.)

Fernando third-wheelin' it with the OTP D.J. and Steve

Fernando and cast mates Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger are "in da house!".

Fernando and Aunt Becky

Clearly, we all need to be friends with Lori Loughlin because "she defies all the laws of everything!," according to Di Pace.

"Fuller House" swag

Two people look happy to be alive in this photo, while the other two seem to hate life.

If your heart can handle anymore "Fuller House" shenanigans, there were two reunions recently, because duh. Once a member of the Tanner family, always a member of the Tanner family.

Ashley Olsen supported her TV dad by attending his welcome opening on Broadway's play "Hand to God" on Friday.

Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic

<> at Booth Theatre on November 6, 2015 in New York City.

Saget shared on Instagram, "Loved having my dear friend Ashley Olsen at my welcoming opening of @HandToGodBway."

Danny and 1/2 of Michelle

Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic

The TV father/daughter also reunited in December 2014 "at an event to benefit the Scleroderma Research Foundation." Too cute.

On Saturday, Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) watched her Uncle Jesse rock out with The Beach Boys.

"Always fun to watch @johnstamos playing with the Beach Boys, especially for such a great event to support @ocgoodwill," captioned Sweetin.

To which, Uncle J replied...


The "Full House"/"Fuller House" squad seem to get cuter everyday.

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