Ben Stiller Broke A World Record On The 'Zoolander 2' Carpet

See the selfie taken by the world's longest selfie stick.

Ben Stiller returns as model Derek Zoolander in Zoolander 2, out Friday, February 12. Judging from last Thursday's premiere in London, it looks like a selfie stick might be part of this deal. Guinness World Records released a video Tuesday awarding Stiller for the world's longest selfie stick. Yep, really.

Dave J. Hogan / Getty Images

The selfie stick measured an impressive 28 feet and one inch long. What did Stiller use it for? Taking a selfie that's even more insane than Ellen Dengeneres's iconic Oscars 2014 pic, obviously. Stiller's record-breaking selfie included everyone on the red blue carpet in London's Leicester Square. Watch the magic happen in the video below.

"It's a windy night," Stiller told Guinness World Records. "The wind's coming from the southwest, which I was aware of when I lifted the selfie stick, so I tried to adjust it and come back around so I'd catch the crosswind from the other side ... We felt like a really nice settle in there and we hit it right in the sweet spot." ?

H/T Daily Dot