Here's How Ellie Goulding Set Up Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris

Ellie's basically cupid.

Calvin Harris has one person to thank for being "insanely happy" with Taylor Swift, and that is Ellie Goulding.

For those scratching your head at the thought, it's actually not as random as you may think -- Ellie has a connection to both Taylor and Calvin. Ellie is part of Taylor's girl squad and appeared in her "Bad Blood" video, while Ellie and Calvin are frequent collaborators, partnering up on his hit songs for "Outside" and "I Need Your Love."

All three were attending the 2015 Brit Awards back in February so Ellie figured, why not introduce them?


"I'm not sure if they met beforehand, but certainly when we were at the Brits he came over and chatted to us," Ellie told us. "Because I was like 'come over.'

Clearly the two hit it off because they were snapped backstage chatting it up with Mick Jagger.


Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Mick Jagger

Not long after that meeting, Taylor and Calvin, aka Tayvin, were spotted looking all matchy matchy at a Whole Foods in Nashville and have been together ever since.

But the "On My Mind" singer thinks that even if she wasn't there to introduce them earlier this year, the two would have connected somehow.

Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/Getty

Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift

"To be honest, I think they would have met anyway. It's such a small world, you have no idea," she said. "We have so many mutual friends. It's a very small world, so I think they would have met anyway. They are both really beautiful people, so I'm sure they would have met."

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