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Aimee Mann Online Release Finally To Be Sold In Stores

Pop-rock singer/songwriter inks distribution deal for long-awaited third solo album.

Pop-rock singer/songwriter Aimee Mann, who became famous in the mid-'80s pop band 'Til Tuesday, has just finalized a distribution deal for her long-awaited third solo album, Bachelor No. 2, according to her spokesperson, Jolyn Matsumuro.

RED Music, an indie distributor based in New York, will release the LP to stores May 2. Mann has been selling the album for two months at concerts and on her Web site ( The album is on Mann's independent label, SuperEgo Records.

"Aimee knows best how to present herself," said Paul DeGooyer, director of marketing/A&R for RED INK, the label operation within RED Music. "Bachelor No. 2 is a wonderful record. We will make it so [Mann] doesn't have to have a huge label apparatus around [her]. She has had problems with major labels. We're here to take up the slack."

Last year, nine Mann tracks were featured on the soundtrack to the Paul Thomas Anderson film "Magnolia." One of Mann's compositions from the movie, "Save Me" (RealAudio excerpt), was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song this year.

Bachelor No. 2, featuring such tracks as "How Am I Different" (RealAudio excerpt), was produced by Mann, with additional production by Jon Brion, and guest performances by Michael Penn (Mann's husband), Juliana Hatfield and Grant-Lee Phillips.

Mann has expressed dissatisfaction with her last label, Geffen Records, about the promotion and marketing of her 1995 solo LP, I'm With Stupid.