Watch How Wu-Tang Clan Sends This Couple To 'Divorce Court'

Lia has some explaining to do.

Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to f--k with -- or at least that's what the New York rap icons have been hollering since dropping their debut album back in 1993 -- but Nathan Sellers isn't buying it.

Sellers accused his girlfriend Lia Palmquist of sleeping with the group in a head-scratching episode of "Divorce Court" that aired on Friday.

"This sounds ridiculous, but he accused me of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan," Palmquist told show host Judge Lynn Toler in an excerpt clip that has been making the rounds on the Internet.

Now, Palmquist does admit to hanging out with the group on their tour bus and at their hotel until 7 a.m., but she insists that the encounter was all innocent.

"Nothing inappropriate happened and let me just put on the record that Wu-Tang is nothing but gentleman, they treated me highly respectful. I would never cheat on him," she continued to say, motioning to her live-in boyfriend. "I would never be a bust-down or a groupie in that type of situation."

Sadly, the viral clip doesn't show us how this one panned out, though we're pretty sure the couple didn't get divorced because they were never married in the first place.

If you think this episode of "Divorce Court" is strange, then check out the video below, because Wu-Tang Clan shows up in the weirdest places.