'Captain America' Clip: Chris Evans Is Skinny But Heroic

Evans himself presents exclusive sneak peek on MTV and

On Thursday (July 14), Captain America himself, Chris Evans, presented an exclusive new clip from his highly anticipated caped crusade "Captain America: The First Avenger" on MTV and

The clip opens with fan-favorite actors Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci, in the roles of Colonel Chester Phillips and Dr. Abraham Erskine, walking through an Army base, watching a group of recruits in their basic-training exercises. Phillips is talking to Erskine about their new unimpressive recruit Steve Rogers (a skinny Evans, pre-super serum and superhero status), who looks to be having trouble with his jumping jacks.

"When you brought a 90-pound asthmatic onto my Army base, I let it slide. I thought, 'What the hell? Maybe he'd be useful to you like a gerbil,' " Phillips says to Erskine about Rogers, before stopping to watch him. "Look at that -- he's making me cry."

Phillips points out another stronger recruit jumping alongside Evans, who boasts impressive scores in every military test they've given him. Erskine calls him a bully, but Phillips doesn't care.

"You don't win wars with niceness, Doctor; you win wars with guts," he says before tossing a grenade into the group to see how they react. All the recruits scramble away to safety, except for Rogers, who jumps on the grenade himself to protect everyone else. The grenade turns out to be a dummy.

"Is this a test?" Rogers asks his senior officers, after showcasing an early glimpse of the hero he is to become.

"He's still skinny," Phillips says, seemingly unimpressed, to a smiling Erskine.

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