Justin Bieber, You're Doing Tumblr All Wrong

A lesson in Tumblr.

Yay! Justin Bieber got a Tumblr, joining the world of endless scrolling, reblogging and a whole bunch of people with the wackiest imaginations who all seem to get each other. He released Joker.Tattoo to the world on Friday (June 27), but fans were fairly quick to notice that all his posts were just repurposed photos from his Instagram and Shots accounts.

So, thanks to these observations, I thought I'd give JBiebs a little primer on how Tumblr is supposed to work.

Step 1: Reblog pictures and GIFs of cats

Step 2: Post a photo with inspirational words superimposed over it.

Step 3: Photograph flower petals over an open book to symbolize your contentment and/or misery.

Step 4: Share some yoga poses.

Step 5: Dog GIF. Bonus if there's a cat in it.

Step 6: Talk about pizza a lot. Bonus points for Disney princess references.

Step 7: Automatically win if you include fries.

Step 8: Adopt an obsession with One Direction.

Step 9: And "Doctor Who."

Step 10: And "Supernatural."

Step 11: And Lana Del Rey.

Step 12: Keep self-referencing Tumblr.


And you're done! Now get started, Bizzle.

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