15 Photos That Prove The 2000 VMAs Were Trippy As Hell

The "future" never looked so strange.

If you weren't around or paying attention to the VMAs in 2000, we're sorry. You missed a lot of really famous people letting it all hang out, flipping off the camera, climbing the set, wearing colors bright enough to burn your retinas. Apparently nothing was off-limits in the early 21st century. Not even strict violations of good taste.

Hey, we've all made an odd choice or two in our lives that will live on forever in photographic form, and these artists are no different. This isn't Snapchat or #ThrowbackThursday -- this is permanent MTV history. So let's review.

1. Dwayne Johnson looked like an Academy Award. Before he made everyone use his real name, The Rock stunted in an all-gold-everything outfit that even MC Hammer couldn't touch.

2. Moby looked like the devil. Quick! Splash him with holy water!

3. So did Lil' Kim. Yeah, we can't imagine Moby wearing this.

4. Christina Aguilera performed with Fred Durst. Two icons. Two musical styles. One of the trippiest duets in history.

5. Chris Rock embraced his pimp phase. Also, Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers embraced his shirtless phase (or, wait -- is he still in that phase?).

6. Eminem brought a clone army. At the time, Eminem was known for performing with a squadron of lookalikes, and wearing oversize cargo sweatpants. Perfect for junk-grabbing.

Getty Images

7. They weren't the most convincing clones. Up close, do any of these guys resemble the real Slim Shady?

Getty Images

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8. Blink-182 played "All the Small Things." ...with these backup dancers.

9. P!nk's hair might've stabbed a few people. "P!nk"? More like "Punk!" (We'll show ourselves out.)

10. Jimmy Fallon performed with a puppet boy band. No stranger to weird bits, during the 2000 VMAs Jimmy performed with *NSYNC on a stick.

11. Chyna basically auditioned for Wonder Woman. (Gal Gadot was a little too young for the part back in 2000.)

12. Napster's CEO taunted Metallica. The band sued the file-sharing app over lost royalties. At least they made like $20 off Shawn Fanning buying their t-shirt?

13. "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch was there, because why not?

14. Toni Braxton forgot to wear a shirt. She wasn't the first, and certainly wasn't the last.

15. Rage Against the Machine's bassist Tim Commerford climbed the VMAs set in the middle of the show. This was perhaps the trippiest moment of the 2000 VMAs, but at least he didn't actually trip. He just got arrested. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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