Bradley Cooper And Emma Stone Explain Their Complicated Friendship

This is how the "Aloha" stars are after spending four months together on an island.

Reporting by Jennifer Lynn

Relationships with your co-stars can be tricky. What if you're trapped on, say, a remote island for months on end and something gets awkward?

"Aloha" co-stars Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone joked about just such a possibility at a press day ahead of the release of the film, jokily telling MTV News about their rather complicated relationship and just how well they got to know one another while filming the new Cameron Crowe movie.

"I got to know her so well. When you spend four months with somebody, especially if you're on location in an isolated area such as an island --" Cooper said, before being interrupted by Stone.

"You're forced to get to know them or hate them," Stone said. "You either hate them or you know them and then you hate them."

Or maybe you get to know them, pretend to hate them and then pretend like your phone doesn't work around them? Could be. Laugh along with Stone and Cooper in the clip above.

"Aloha" hits theaters May 29.