Bazzi Wrote NCT Dream's New Single 'We Go Up' And It's A Total Earworm

K-pop group NCT Dream team up with the singer-songwriter for a fizzy bop

Fresh off the viral success of his breakthrough single "Mine" and his debut album Cosmic — which scored him a MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best New Artist — singer-songwriter Bazzi is back with another hit: NCT Dream's "We Go Up."

SM Entertainment dropped the vibrant visual for the K-pop group's fizzy comeback single today (August 30), and it's a total bop. Co-written by Bazzi — graduating Dream member and rapper Mark also participated in the songwriting process — "We Go Up" combines old-school hip-hop sensibilities with bells, bass, and a catchy vocal hook. The track was produced by MZMC and SM's own Korean hitmaker Kenzie.

"Was sooo fun writing this one!" Bazzi wrote on Instagram. "My boys in [NCT] snapped. Miss u guys."

Beyond its poppy visuals and hyped choreography, "We Go Up" also demonstrates NCT Dream's growth — visually and musically. Since NCT's inception, Dream has been its youngest unit and their music has mostly been marketed toward teens, from rebellious anthems like "Go" to bubblegum bops like "Chewing Gum." But "We Go Up" signifies a noticeable maturity and the start of something new and exciting for the group.

NCT Dream is set to release their six-song EP "We Go Up" on September 3. The release marks the start of NCT's comeback season, with Seoul unit NCT 127 planned to follow and the new NCT China unit set to debut at the end of the year.

As for Bazzi, this isn't his first time writing a K-pop banger. He also worked on Korean superstars EXO's "The Eve," off their celebrated 2017 album, The War.

"I don't really like to think too far ahead when it comes to the music," Bazzi recently told MTV News, describing his process as "really in the moment." Watch our full interview with Bazzi below:

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