Make Your Own 24/7 'Anchorman' News Network With These Viral Videos

Will Ferrell has been all over the globe promoting highly anticipated sequel -- as if we weren't going to see it anyway.

"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" isn't even in theaters, but audiences have already seen more than their fair share of Ron Burgundy's shenanigans. The mustachioed newsman's adventures into the world of 24-hour news hits screens on Friday, but you can keep it classy now by creating your own 24/7 Burgundy news network with the plethora of promotional clips and viral videos currently swirling about the Internet.

Burgundy's, err, Will Ferrell's, aggressive marketing campaign has included stints on local news stations, interviews with professional athletes, testimonials from real-life broadcasters, plus in-character stunts as the face of the new Dodge Durango, not to mention appearances on "Conan" and the 2013 MTV EMA. Earlier this month, Burgundy appeared in a press conference at Boston's Emerson College as it re-named its School of Communication in his honor.

How much Burgundy is too much Burgundy? "No such thing," we imagine Burgundy would say. Either way, his news team cohort Champ Kind (David Koechner) has also been getting in on the action with appearances on "Colin Cowherd's New Football Show" and a "live correspondence" from the National Finals Rodeo on "Crowd Goes Wild."

Pick your poison below with any and all of Burgundy's recent promotional appearances.

At the MTV EMA in Amsterdam, Burgundy put the moves on Katy Perry and, well, she didn't like it.

Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo share behind-the-scenes stories about Burgundy's life and career. Hint: he's not very nice.

Burgundy asks Peyton Manning the tough questions (including, but not limited to, "Can you hear me?") for ESPN.

Burgundy delivered the news for a full 30 minutes, alongside Amber Shatz in a local North Dakota broadcast on KX News.

Burgundy was greeted with a King's welcome on the Australian TV show "The Project," where he tackled Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson and Rob Ford, among other topics.

In an appearance on "The Dan Patrick Show," Burgundy takes a crack at some of the greatest sports calls in history.

Later, Champ Kind calls in for a revealing telephone conversation with his pal.

While promoting his book on "Conan," Burgundy offers tips on how to make the most of one's time in lockup.

Burgundy makes his Women's Curling calling debut wearing a kilt with, in his words, his "usual speedo" underneath.

Burgundy shared his secret to journalism greatness during a press conference at Emerson College.

Kind and Colin Cowherd talk football, broadcasting and boozing on ESPN.

Burgundy sells buyers on the Dodge Durango's roomy glovebox in just one of the brand's many (many!) campaign ads. Continue down that rabbit hole at your own risk.

Bonus: Meet Mort Crim, the real-life anchorman who inspired Ron Burgundy.

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