Sorry, But 2 Chainz Loves Eleven From 'Stranger Things' More Than You Do

He even has the hoodie to prove it

If you don’t think you could possibly have anything in common with 2 Chainz, think again. The ATL rapper, like you (probably), has seemingly devoted 395 minutes of his life to binging Netflix’s retro sci-fi series Stranger Things. And, like you, he thinks Eleven is pretty much the raddest girl ever.

How do we know? Because he’s decided to flaunt his fandom on his chest, where the whole world can see it.

2 Chainz shared a slew of pics on Instagram today (September 13) that show him rocking a black hoodie with a huge graphic of Eleven on it. It shows the bald-headed heroine giving her signature death stare, bloody nose and all, and it looks fresh as hell (especially when accessorized with an assortment of chainz).

The pics were taken at his buddy Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour in Atlanta last night, where 2 Chainz teased they have “new music on the way.” No word yet on what Ye thought of the Eleven hoodie, but we’re sure he wishes he thought of something similar for Yeezy Season 4.

Over the weekend, Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who plays Eleven, shared a photo on Twitter of singer August Alsina wearing the same hoodie. Looks like this is officially the must-have fashion item for Fall ’16.

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