#ClimateChangeIsReal And We're Calling Deniers On Their Bull

A whole bunch of French Bulldogs gathered to celebrate the end of this bullish-t debate.

With 97% of scientists in agreement that, yes, humans are likely the cause of the "climate warming trends" of the last century, everyone is looking to move past the hand-wringing "debate" and mobilize for more proactive solutions to this global problem.

So to celebrate Earth Day 2015, we spent some time with a gaggle of French Bulldogs looking to spread the word that #ClimateChangeIsReal. They were all very excited to hang out and model their painfully adorable pup-sized T-shirts, because, you know, climate change affects them too. Here's their beef:

Scientists say that the media has let the "debate" go on too long.

Rebecca Tapio


In an attempt to capture both sides of an issue, mainstream media has given far too much attention to the people who say they don't believe in climate change (much to the dismay of scientists.) They're given the same amount of time on high profile platforms, despite the overwhelming evidence that climate change exists as a real problem. Meanwhile, people who go on TV to deny climate change are linked to fossil fuel interests. Smells kinda poopy to us...

Things are getting serious.

Katherine Speller

Panic Pup Face

It's getting hot in here. According to the American Meteorology Society, the effects of climate change are increasingly evident: There's the loss of ice sheets in the polar regions, the increase of heavy precipitation events throughout the U.S., and the seasonal changes seen globally. That includes earlier springs, longer frost-free and growing periods, and changes in the habitats of birds and insects. Also, these pooches feel like they're panting more than ever!

And all this fighting is just wasting our time and energy.

Katherine Speller

The fight

The energy spent fighting the 3% of scientists and the small but loud group of politicians and citizens denying climate change could certainly be better spent on just about any other activity. These people are rejecting decades of research by playing tug-of-war with our planet. Now, give us back the ball!

Instead, it's time to stick it to the haters.

Katherine Speller

Stick it to the haters.

Members of the environmental science community have urged media outlets to drop the term "skeptics" when talking about those who deny climate change, and instead use the term "climate change deniers." Sounds like a treat to us!

After all, it is on us.

Katherine Speller

Shoulder bae

Sorry bud, but the bulk of the damage to our environment is our own fault. Our greenhouse gas emissions are what's trapping the heat in the earth's atmosphere. Since humans are the cause of this environmental trend, we're shouldering the weight of this problem.

So, grab a friend and start talking solutions.

Katherine Speller

Pups pulling face.

There are tons of ways you can try to combat climate change on your own. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends taking a few small steps in your everyday life to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can also help out environmental organization and write to your elected officials. Also, get out there and vote!

And just one final reminder...

Katherine Speller

Climate Change is real.

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