Beyoncé Looked Way More Pregnant At The 2011 VMAs Than We Remember

You remember the performance, but what about the carpet?!?

It’s been five years since Beyoncé announced she was pregnant on the stage of the Video Music Awards. While that stomach rub is #iconic, we can’t overlook everything else that led to a gesture that garnered 8,868 Tweets per second (a record in 2011, BTW).

Here’s a brief rundown of how things happened that fateful night five years ago.

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Queen Bey arrived on the carpet in a bright orange, one-shoulder Lanvin gown. As we wrote in the live blog that night, “speculation [was] running wild about why Beyoncé’s gown was not as skintight as usual.” Ah, how naïve we were.

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Further down the carpet she pulled the trademark ~look there’s a baby in there~ pose, but things still weren’t fully confirmed.

It wasn’t until she finished her performance that we were all like, “Ah, yes, there is definitely a baby in there.”

Beyoncé started her performance of “Love on Top” by saying, “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me,” which dumped a whole lot of fuel on the fire.

Then, when she was done dancing like there wasn’t a baby in there, she unbuttoned her sparkly Dolce & Gabbana jacket and caressed her stomach in a way that finally — finally! — confirmed it once and for all.

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