Owen Wilson Explains What It's Like To Get Peed On By A Monkey

Because it's Christmas, and on Christmas you get peed on by monkeys.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

First of all, Merry Christmas. Second of all, here's how a monkey ended up peeing on Owen Wilson in "Night at the Museum: Secret Of The Tomb."

"When [director] Shawn [Levy] approached me about reprising my role as Jedediah, I said I don't know where else I can take this little cowboy," Wilson joked when asked about the peeing incident in the movie. "And Shawn said, 'well, what about Pompeii? Molten lava?' 'Yeah, yeah, okay, but what am I gonna do? Is that gonna kill me?' 'No, we have something that's gonna save you.' 'I trust you Shawn, I'll be there!' Next thing I know, I'm getting peed on by a monkey, and its in all the trailers."

This isn't the first time a "Night at the Museum" movie was reverse-eclipsed by simian golden showers, either. Star Ben Stiller has often been the recipient of monkey pee in the previous two movies... But not so much this time.

"I might have said no more peeing on me," Stiller noted, but adding, "I kind of get a sprinkling."

"Night at the Museum: Secret Of Tomb" has currently marked its territory in theaters everywhere.

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