New 'Daredevil' Trailer Features Kingpin, 'Avengers' References, Badass-ery

Say hello to your next binge-watch.

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) might not be able to see as he kicks ass as Daredevil, but we're sure glad we have functioning peepers to check out this stellar new "Daredevil" trailer. The new Netflix series -- hello, binge-watch -- will be its darkest yet, but a playful mention of Iron Man and Thor at the end of the video makes it clear that this will still very much take place in the Marvel universe.

Also awesome? The extended look at Murdock's dark past, Karen Page ("True Blood" standout Deborah Ann Woll), and former bug-man Vincent D'Onofrio as the bald and menacing Kingpin:

"Daredevil" will premiere all 13 of its episodes on April 10.

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