Lollapalooza Back Biting: Thurston Moore Squeals on Courtney

People are beginning to take bets on how long Hole will last on the

Lollapalooza. It's only been five days into the traveling festival, and

Courtney Love has already stirred up quite a tempest. According to the

Lollapalooza diary that Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore is doing for

Spin Online, Courtney flicked a lit cigarette at Kathleen Hanna,

Bikini Kill's lead singer, and "sucker punched her in the face." But before

Hanna could respond, Hole's bodyguard's intervened. The only recourse left

was for Hanna to file charges with the police, which is exactly what she did.

Moore dryly comments that, "for reasons I'm totally disinterested in the hole

singer hates miss hanna."

Apparently she also hates Bikini Kill's drummer Toby Vail, because she

supposedly went out with Kurt, but since Vail wasn't in attendance, she took

all her venom out on the unsuspecting Hanna. The next day, Courtney appeared

on stage wearing a cast, telling the audience that "she punched some bitch in

the face last night." Moore thought that was an especially inappropriate and

incriminating statement since Kathleen Hanna had filed an assault charge with

the police the day before. What is compelling about Moore's report isn't

just the messy little details of life on the road, but the linguistic clues

that he scatters. He never refers to Love by name, nor capitalizes her

band's name--speaking volumes between the lines about how he feels about


He ends the report with the following: "kim + kathleen had decided that if

the hole singer attacked kathleen physically that kathleen should respond by

verbally challenging the offender to debate any and all feminist issues at a

university of her choice. the hole singer's retort was supposedly, 'debate,

you can't even read.' everyone is disgusted and grossed out. Perry's bummed.

everyone's bummed."

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