Miley Cyrus Takes Viral-Video Jab At Fellow Tween Queens Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez

Cyrus and friend Mandy mimic Disney duo's clip nearly word for word.

Is Miley Cyrus feeling a little pressure to hang on to her pop-princess crown?

As Disney continues to churn out young stars with Miley-size aspirations, the adolescent landscape is dotted with hopefuls eager to be the answer to the question: "Who will be the next Miley?"

Two of Disney's newest stars and front-runners for the tween-queen crown -- 15-year-old [article id="1591448"]"Camp Rock" star Demi Lovato[/article] and her 16-year-old best friend, Selena Gomez -- have reached out to their fans via a YouTube channel, creating a video featuring the pair chatting about typical teen fodder, ranging from makeup and cosmetic dentistry to Selena's "Power Rangers" T-shirt.

And while Demi and Selena's video is a big hit on the Internet, garnering more than 3 million views to date, it seems as if Miley isn't much of a fan. She's taken the battle for teen-pop supremacy into her own hands, creating a YouTube response video. The video, featuring [article id="1585860"]Cyrus and her 22-year-old friend Mandy Jiroux[/article], mocks Miley's fellow Disney stars.

The response includes scenes of Miley and Mandy interspersed throughout Demi and Selena's video, resulting in close to five minutes of the "Hannah Montana" star and her sidekick mimicking Demi and Selena nearly word for word on everything from the (now-removed) gap in Demi's teeth to her choice of all-black attire.

But the blows aren't limited to verbal punches; Miley goes so far as to wear a "Ninja Turtles" tee, an obvious jab at the "Power Rangers" shirt Selena dons in her video. The outcome is a not-so-subtle spoof of the Miley wannabes. The video closes with a graphic that reads: "Parody of: Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez! Check out our friends' YouTube!!!!! XOXOXO M & M," clearing up any questions as to who the video's targets are.

Miley isn't the only celeb to take her feud viral: Ice-T and Soulja Boy Tell'em recently exchanged harsh words via YouTube as well.

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