'Valentine's Day' Star Jessica Alba Doles Out Dating Advice

'Eye contact is good,' the actress says.

Ever since she burst onto the scene 10 years ago in James Cameron's cult-classic sci-fi series "Dark Angel," [movieperson id="233447"]Jessica Alba[/movieperson] has been enticing the eyeballs of men worldwide. Often recognized as one of the hottest women on the planet, she is now happily married and recently had her first child. But just because you missed out, guys, doesn't mean you can't still learn a few pointers so you can grab the next sexy, single starlet that hits the scene.

"Eye contact is good," Alba told us recently, thinking back to what attracted her during her single days. "Especially if you want it to go to the next level."

These days, Alba is celebrating Valentine's Day -- as well as "Valentine's Day," the romantic comedy in theaters Friday that casts her alongside every conceivable Hollywood star with the possible exception of Abe Vigoda. While love and romance is on her mind, she was happy to explain to her many male followers how they could have landed her back in her single days.

"Absolutely pick up [the check]," Alba advised, insisting that even though she's a movie star, it doesn't mean she should foot the bill. "Hopefully [your date] offers, but that's just a gesture. You should pick it up."

Some might think you'd have to be a big mover and shaker to land a girl like Jessica. But according to the actress, no matter how important you are, she'd better not catch your eyes peeking down at a mobile device during dinner.

"Excuse yourself to the restroom," the "Sin City" sexpot insisted, leaving no room for excuses. "Just excuse yourself to the restroom. Don't do that at the table -- it's very annoying."

One slippery area that often gets a man in trouble is trying to be too old-timey chivalrous, doing things like ordering the woman's food for her. According to the "Fantastic Four" star, such a move is as dangerous as making a pass at the Invisible Woman in front of Reed Richards.

"You should talk about it," Alba explained. "If she seems like the kind of girl that would appreciate you doing that [you can try it]; but you have to rate her. And you should also order two desserts. You should order the one that she's going to order and the one that she really wants.

"I probably would want [chocolate cake]," Alba said of what dish her husband Cash Warren would be wise to order for her. "But a lot of girls, especially in the beginning, will try to order something healthy even though they want something more decadent."

Then of course, there's the big question: How do you make your move on a girl like Jessica Alba?

"Reaching over is weird," Alba said of any attempt to kiss or touch her during dinner. "You can play footsy."

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