Bebe Rexha’s New Music Video Will Make You Thirsty

Consider this your daily reminder to drink more water

Bebe Rexha, the brain behind your favorite hit songs, is back with a new music video that'll leave you parched. In "I Got You," she's a sultry desert vixen enjoying a party for one.

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere doesn't stop Bebe from turning it up. She somehow manages to make the desert even hotter than it already is.

"I Got You" is Rexha's latest single, off All Your Fault, her upcoming debut album. She sang it live at the MTV Europe Music Awards — which she also hosted – last November.

During that performance, she sang atop a giant furry letter "U." To be honest, I'm kind of bummed that character didn't make it into the official music video. This desert could use some wildlife.

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