There's A Classic Pixar Easter Egg In Newest 'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer That Everybody Missed

Well, 'almost' everybody.

In less than two weeks after Pixar released its newest trailer for "The Good Dinosaur," someone spotted a classic Pixar Easter egg. The movie isn't out until Nov. 25, but that didn't stop Reddit user lannisterdwarf from noticing something the rest of us overlooked. (Seriously, we should all be ashamed right now.)

In the trailer, we're briefly introduced to a dinosaur who looks strangely familiar. After rewatching the trailer, it finally hits us: That dinosaur was in Pixar's summer blockbuster hit, "Inside Out."

Other Reddit users replied to lannisterdwarf's post, wondering how the famous Pizza Planet truck will find its way into a movie that's set in the past. (FYI, the Pizza Planet truck, first seen in "Toy Story," makes a cameo in all Pixar films.) Three suggestions are it'll be carved onto a rock, seen as a cave drawing or seen as a star constellation, which are all plausible options.

Back in June, the YouTube channel NewMediaRockstars noted that Arlo, our lovely dino protagonist in "The Good Dinosaur," made a quick appearance in "Monsters University," because this is Pixar and they like to do that kind of thing.

So, in addition to watching the movie (and bawling our eyes out) we'll be actively looking for more Easter eggs. Because, let's be real here for a sec — if there's an Easter egg in just the two and a half minute trailer, then there's gotta be more floating around in the feature-length movie.

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