Liam Neeson Tells Us How 'Taken 4' Could Start

It could happen.

The posters for "Taken 3" seem to make it pretty clear that this will be the last film in the successful action franchise -- splashing "it ends here" across the top of every poster would imply that -- but as the cross-stitch hanging in your grandmother's hallway says, never say never.

After all, Liam Neeson himself once said that "Taken 3" would never happen.

"I don’t think there’ll be a 'Taken 3.' She can’t get taken again," Neeson said of his on-screen daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace). "That’s just bad parenting."

Well, here we are now, lining up to buy tickets to "Taken 3."

So pardon us if we're taking all this "it ends here" stuff with a shovel grain of salt, especially considering the ends left open by the threequel.

For example, it's revealed early on in the movie that Kim is pregnant. A new family member to get taken, perhaps?

Though Neeson told MTV News at a press day ahead of the release of "Taken 3" that "there's no plans at the moment, there's not" for a fourth movie, he and co-star Forest Whitaker, who plays a cop pursuing Neeson's character, did joke about how the next movie could open.

"He says 'stay in touch,' and what was cut out was I said, 'look, I don't have your email address,' and he gives me it and I give him mine and we check and say, 'did you get that, I got it, great,' high five each other," he said. "That was cut out."

"That's actually the opening of the next one," Whitaker added.

Famke Janssen, whose character's murder motivates the action of "Taken 3," was less optimistic.

"I think we're done with being taken," she said.

"Taken 3" hits theaters January 9.