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Cynthia Nixon Loved Taking 'Sex And The City' To An 'Exotic Locale'

Actress says she feels her friendship with Kristin Davis really came across in 'Sex and the City 2.'

For 12 years now the ladies of "Sex and the City" have mainly kept the sex in Manhattan, with a few stops along the way in Mexico, L.A. and Paris. So for "Sex and the City 2" the cast, especially Cynthia Nixon, taking their adventures elsewhere was an appealing move.

"My first reaction was, 'This is a brilliant thing to do, to take us all very far away from New York and plunk us down in an exotic, beautiful locale,' " she told MTV News about the flick's location, where [article id="1639564"]Carrie runs into former flame Aidan Shaw[/article]. The girls shot the Abu Dhabi scenes in Morocco. "Partly to get us away from our husbands and children and jobs and let the four of us be together because I think one of the most exciting things is to see the four of us interact as a foursome."

One scene in particular will have fans remembering the special bond these four women have. In it, Charlotte and Miranda bond over their shared familial issues. It was a scene Nixon relished shooting. "Absolutely -- Kristin and I are incredibly close, so it was very special," she said. "It was also the very last scene we shot in Morocco, so it was really kind of the cherry on the sundae."

And the scene was also a snapshot into the friendship that Nixon and Kristin Davis have in real life. "I feel like Kristin is very close to my kids and Kristin has always really been there for me during moments in my life when I really needed her and I needed advice," she said. "And I think she would say the same of me. It was really great to show that. Also it was really great because Charlotte and Miranda, often in the past, have represented opposing points of view. So it was nice to see them really united on the same page."

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