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Anne Hathaway's Awards-Season Motto? 'It's Better Not To Win'

'I just try to focus on the fact that a lot of actors would kill to be here,' the Golden Globe nominee tells MTV News.

Actors dream of being recognized for their work during awards season, but the reality of that extra-bright spotlight might be a little more stressful than it appears.

When MTV News caught up with "Les Misérables" breakout performer and multiple nominee Anne Hathaway at Tuesday's National Board of Review Awards, we asked how she's surviving the season.

"There is an adjustment period where you have to accept, 'OK, I'm being scrutinized more than normal,' " said Hathaway, who's nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role at [article id="1698850"]this Sunday's Golden Globes[/article]. "But just like with everything you do, there is no way to please everyone, so you just have to please yourself. I just try to focus on the fact that a lot of actors would kill to be here, a lot of actors would kill to be in any part of my life, so I'm very grateful."

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Hathaway, who attended the NBR Awards with her "Les Mis" castmates Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne to accept the Best Ensemble award, said that after experiencing the rigmarole before, she's decided it's better to not hear your name called as the winner.

"I've now been lucky enough to be nominated for a few things, and I think it's better not to win, to not have to get up there and put yourself out there like that. I think it's probably better to sit and applaud," she said with a laugh. "I think that would be an awesome problem to know both sides of."

Realizing that worrying about winning awards is not really a terrible problem to have, Hathaway revealed that she came up with a new Twitter hashtag to summarize these "afflictions."

"I've come up with a hashtag. I'm not on Twitter, but I think someone should start it, which is #bougienightmares," she said. "I bought some chairs at a Paris flea market and the shipping is a nightmare and actually found myself describing it as a nightmare and then I just had to say 'hashtag bougie nightmare.' "

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