Harrison Ford Officially Offered 'Blade Runner' Sequel Role

Actor would again play Rick Deckard in followup

Harrison Ford could make some sci-fi fans really, really happy.

The actor, who already thrilled fans by reprising his role as Han Solo "Star Wars: Episode VII," has been publicly offered the role of Rick Deckard in Ridley Scott's unnamed "Blade Runner" sequel, "Variety" reports.

Deckard was the main character in the original film, a so-called blade runner hired to destroy rogue replicants (human-like robots) in a dystopian future. The film is one of the biggest influences on modern sci-fi, with its dystopian look informing everything from "Looper" to "Hunger Games."

While Ford's name has been brought up before in anticipation of the sci-fi followup, this is the first official word we have that he's been in discussions for the project. Now, the role is his for the taking... if he wants it.

That's really the big question, as Ford, unlike many other movie stars, has not been so quick to cash in on big-time blockbuster opportunities -- though with roles in "Ender's Game" and the new "Star Wars," he might be rethinking that philosophy.

Still, this is different, as the script was co-written by original "Blade Runner" scribe Hampton Fancher and will be directed by Scott. If Ford signs on, then a huge part of the creative team from the original movie will be back, over thirty years later.

There are no details about the sequel, including how big Ford's role might be, other than the fact that it takes place a few decades after the original -- something which also calls into question the long-held fan theory that Deckard was himself a replicant. Chances are Ford is the only one reprising his role from the original, other than perhaps Sean Young, who can come back (sorry, Rutger Hauer fans). So he's also essentially the biggest chance Scott has of meaningfully connecting the sequel to the classic.

Either way, the news is pretty amazing, and we only ask Scott and co. one thing: please, please don't CGI a young Harrison Ford's face onto anything like they did with Jeff Bridges in "Tron: Legacy."

That's not cool.

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