Jonas Brothers Fever Hits New York At Group's 'Good Morning America' Appearance

'The Jonas Brothers are worth camping out for any day!' says one fan who braved a night on the street.

NEW YORK — Mothers, hide your daughters: Jonas Brothers mania has taken over New York City.

The trio of teen heartthrobs — Nick, Joe and Kevin — rocked a packed Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan for their "Good Morning America" appearance Friday (August 8), wooing both daughters and mothers alike. One mom held a sign that read, "Make me a Jonas mother-in-law"!

The guys played a quick set containing several fan favorites — including "S.O.S." and their VMA-nominated hit "Burnin' Up" — and snippets of a couple other songs from their [article id="1592181"]new LP, out Tuesday, A Little Bit Longer.[/article] (Hear the whole album on "The Leak"!) But truthfully, what they were playing was difficult to hear over the screams — and may well have been irrelevant to the near-hysterical (and very loud) crowd.

It was a scene straight out of Beatlemania: There were reports of several people fainting, although it was unclear whether that was due to the size of the crowd or the effect of the boys on that crowd.

One group of friends from Connecticut had worked on T-shirts for two days to demonstrate their devotion to the band; the shirts were filled with messages, lyrics and pictures of the guys. "We found pictures that we really loved on the computer and then we put them on the shirts and then we started designing them," Crystal, 12, told MTV News. "It was all worth it because we got to see the Jonas Brothers!"

Some teenage girls braved a rainy night on the street just to catch a glimpse of the boys, braving arguments between fans — and even vermin — while waiting to get into the park. New York-area native Naisa, 14, and Maryland native Paula, 13, told MTV News, "It was horrible! When we went to the train station there was rats. [Outside the park,] people were shoving each other. There were a lot of fights." Still, they thought the Jonas' appearance was nothing less than "awesome."

Katie, 17, from New Jersey, and her sisters traveled to the city a day in advance to get a spot in Bryant Park. "We wanted to get the best seats and we wanted to have fun camping out," she said. "Well, we go to hear their new songs too, which was amazing. The Jonas Brothers are worth camping out for any day!"

Still, we couldn't help but ask: Rats, rain, fights, a night on the streets of New York City? What is it about these guys that has girls traveling hundreds of miles and lining up two or three days in advance for this gig?

For some it's their tunes, for others it's their image. "They really put everything they can into their music and they really love their fans, so they deserve it," said Amber, 14, who'd traveled from Rhode Island on a bus by herself to catch the show. "They're great inspirations to kids. They're a very wholesome band and they put everything they can into it."

Cristina, 10, from Queens, New York, said she loves the boys because "they're hot. They're cute. They're very cool."

But for one girl, the answer is very simple — if slightly unexpected.

"[article id="1592251"]Nick[/article] is the best. He has great eyebrows," one excited 16-year-old proclaimed. "Every guy should have great eyebrows."

Don't have Jonas fever yet? Well, then be sure to catch the guys when they're on "TRL" next week for "Jonas Brothers TRL Fan Week"!

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