Matt LeBlanc Just Dropped The Ultimate 'Friends'-giving Pun

What's not to like?

"Friends" is never more ubiquitous than this time of year because the series' Thanksgiving episodes are completely iconic. From Brad Pitt and the I Hate Rachel Club/teeny-weeny rumor reveal, to the Dutch girl picking Chandler, to Rachel's accidentally non-traditional English trifle, the show absolutely owned this holiday.

Even though it's been more than 10 years since the last season aired, "Friends" still goes hand-in-hand with Thanksgiving, and the cast knows it. So as a token of gratitude for all the continued residuals fan love, Matt LeBlanc, a.k.a. Joey Tribbiani, trekked down memory lane and dished up a pun so delicious we just had to whip out the Phoebe plan laugh.


Plan Laugh Phoebe and Joey Friends

On Twitter, Matt first shared his thanks to those of us friends-zied fans who've indubitably re-visited some (or all) of the Turkey Day celebrations that our girl Monica hosted over the years.

Then he hit us with the nostalgia à la this unforgettable stuck-in-the-turkey-head moment.

And that's when he dropped this witticism that was so good it would've taken Joey a good 45 seconds of stunned silence to sort through in his "wisdomous" noggin.

Well played, Matt. Many meatball subs for you.