12 Halloween DCOM Moments That Traumatized You For Life

You’ll never look under the bed again

Why does something on TV look super terrifying when you're 8 years old, but totally fake when you re-watch 10 years later? Oh right — you grow up.

Now you know that warlock Kalabar in Halloweentown is just an actor wearing a costume and is probably totally nice in real life. But as a kid, Kalabar's monster form is terrifying and traumatizing as hell — though he still looks kinda creepy, not gonna lie.

In honor of Halloween, it's time to face your fears and deal with your (Disney Channel) demons head-on. Relive these "scary" moments below.

Whenever the phantom showed his freaky mask in Phantom of the Megaplex


Phantom of the Megaplex

Maybe it's just me (it's not), but this dude is probably the reason I *hate* masks. It was super creepy and unnerving whenever the phantom would pop out of nowhere and never actually say anything.

When Harriet turned into an evil creature in Halloweentown



After Kalabar got his warlock hands on Aggie Cromwell's friend, Harriet went from a sweet lady to a freaky demon-like entity. The snarl she gave didn't help ease the tension.

When we first saw the hooded demon in the theater in Halloweentown



Before we knew this thing was actually Kalabar (Robin Thomas), Voldemort's look-a-like was a terrifying shrouded figure who kidnapped members of Halloweentown, either turning them into statues or evil versions of themselves — like what happened with Harriet.

When all hell broke loose, thanks to the Creature Spell, in Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge


Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

Again with the eerie masks, Disney. Seriously, when Gwen Cromwell Piper (Judith Hoag) turned into an evil goblin thing, all of America dashed underneath the covers.

When Cassie (Eliana Reyes) was kidnapped by someone hiding in knight’s armor in Halloweentown High


Halloweentown High

The audience knew homegirl Cassie was a goner, but she didn't until it was too late. What's really messed up was she was supposed to be in a safe room, but you can imagine how well that turned out.

When the monster charged through the window and attacked the Even Stevens dad in Under Wraps


Under Wraps

Poor Tom Virtue met his end during the opening scene of the "first" DCOM. Thankfully, it was just a movie within a movie the main kids were watching at the theater.

When Claire (Kat Dennings) fell into Zachariah Kull’s (Kim Coates) pit of kidnapped souls in The Scream Team


The Scream Team

First off, Zachariah Kull was scary as hell — until you learned he was grossly misunderstood. But when Claire took a nosedive into the abyss, the trapped souls started popping out and begging, "Help me, Claire," over and over again.

When a vampire was about to take a huge bite out of a 13-year-old in Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire


Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

In retrospect, we should've been rooting for vampire Dimitri Denatos (Charles Shaughnessy) — instead of the Hansen family — but when we first saw this in 2000, watching a kid nearly become a vampire was a pretty traumatizing moment.

When the Darkness swallowed up Illeana (Jennifer Robertson) in Twitches



Of course, poor Karsh (Pat Kelly) was swallowed up as well, but Illeana's demise was just darker (heh). Seriously, the Darkness didn't come to play games. "He" had hands reaching out to steal your soul and dignity.

When the Thoad transformed from his human form into his alien form in Can of Worms


Can of Worms

Besides having a super deep and menacing voice, this bro's tongue could shoot out just like a frog's. Oh, and he also wanted to kidnap a bunch of children and imprison them in a intergalactic zoo.

When Disney recast Marnie Cromwell and thought we wouldn’t notice in Return to Halloweentown


Return to Halloweentown

We noticed, Disney. Nothing against Sara Paxton, but Kimberly J. Brown will always be Marnie.

And literally all of Don’t Look Under the Bed


The scariest DCOM featured boogeymen running around and attacking people. The film also included kids getting pulled under the bed by their dangling feet (nope) and dolls that moved on their own (double nope). Oh, and there was a subplot involving a child terrified his cancer would return, so it was just all kinds of WTF.

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