Banks Gets Uncomfortably Sensual In New ‘Fuck With Myself’ Video

It'll send shivers up your spine

Banks has kept a relatively low profile since her stellar 2014 debut, but the Goddess is gearing up for a major, hair-raising return.

On Tuesday, the singer-songwriter appeared on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio Show to debut her new single, an anthem of self-ownership that’s aptly titled “Fuck With Myself.” She also unveiled the sleek track’s nightmarish, Ex Machina–style visual, which finds Banks dancing in a magenta-lit room while masked dancers contort themselves around her. She also dances naked in front of a broken mirror and licks a frighteningly realistic mannequin head of herself before setting it on fire.

“There’s so many meanings to it,” Banks told Lowe of the new song. “It could be like, ‘I fuck with myself,’ like, ‘I mess with myself more than anybody else.’ It could be, ‘I fuck with myself,’ kind of like, ‘I'm feeling myself.’ It means a lot of different things that I think a lot of people can relate to.”

Banks’s sophomore album, the follow-up to Goddess, drops September 30.