Watch The Flash Fight Harry Potter's Evil Doppelganger

There's something a little bit magical about Central City's newest villain.

The Pied Piper is coming to Central City tonight, but don't be surprised if this new villain reminds you a bit of a certain boy wizard, if that boy wizard were a) American, and b) evil.

In an interview with EW, "The Flash" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that they wanted actor Andy Mientus to channel a familiar character when he brought the Pied Piper to life.

"[In the comic,] the Pied Piper dressed very flamboyantly and would play his flute and warp people’s minds,” Kreisberg said. “We wanted to do something a little more grounded. We were all fans of Andy’s from his work on Broadway. When he came in, we said he was evil Harry Potter."

Meanwhile, a clip from the upcoming episode has been released on YouTube, in which Barry "The Flash" Allen confronts and battles the Piper. And not for nothing, he really does come off like an evil Harry Potter. Like, if Harry Potter went Full Horcrux, emigrated to the U.S., and started a stateside faction of Death Eaters, it would be pretty much exactly like this.

The Flash battles the Pied Potter Piper tonight at 8pm ET.