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Police May Release Sketch Of Biggie Gunman

March 11 [7:55 EST] -- The Los Angeles Police Department continues to investigate the murder of The Notorious B.I.G., and the Associated Press now reports that they hope to release a sketch of the suspected gunman.

According to the AP report, police are trying to obtain information from as many as 200 witnesses, and believe that the gunman is a black man in his early 20's who drove a dark sedan.

Despite the Associated Press report, a police spokesperson said Wilshire detectives have no leads at this time, and authorities had previously told the AP that witnesses (which included Biggie's estranged wife, singer Faith Evans) were afraid to talk to the police.

As we reported on Sunday, the 24-year-old rapper (who was born Christopher Wallace but also called himself Biggie Smalls) who died in a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning in Los Angeles.

Biggie, who stood 6'3" and by differing accounts weighed between 300 and 380 lbs., was shot after leaving a crowded

party thrown by "Vibe" magazine to celebrate the 11th annual Soul Train Music Awards.

Meanwhile, Biggie's record label, Bad Boy Entertainment, released a statement on Sunday saying, "We are overwhelmed with grief by the death of a great artist, a family member, and our friend, The Notorious B.I.G.

A label spokesperson said Biggie's mom had flown to L.A. to identify the body, but no funeral arrangements had been made yet.

Plans are for the ceremony to be either in Brooklyn, or Teaneck, New Jersey. Meanwhile, the April issue of "The Source," on newsstands now, features Biggie in its cover story, in which he ironically speaks of his fondness for the West coast.

We used to ball out in Cali in the days," Biggie says in the article. "We still goin' out there. But the first thing (people) gonna think about is that situation, which has been blown up to much more than it was. They done made a personal beef between me and (Tupac and Death Row) into a coastal beef,

East against West. And that's crazy. I never did nothin' wrong to Tupac, to Faith, to (Lil) Kim, to nobody.

Biggie goes on to say that he'd like to quit rap, "I really want to stop. If I was financially stable I could.