Drake And Jennifer Lopez Got Caught Smooching At Some Kind Of Prom For Rich People

Aubrih is now a distant memory

After this year's VMAs, it was hard not to root for Aubrih. After all, Drake said he'd been in love with Rihanna since he was a tiny baby rapper fresh off Degrassi, and who could blame him? Then they got matching shark tattoos, and the deal appeared to be sealed.

Of course, true love is often fleeting, and the on-again off-again relationship soon flipped its switch back to "off." But that's OK, because Drake is kissing Jennifer Lopez now.

The newly minted possible couple won Prom King and Prom Queen at some kind of prom-themed party, because honestly who else is going to win Prom King and Queen when Drake and J.Lo are in attendance? But can we talk about how happy Drake looks in his crown? And how stoked J.Lo is to be with him?

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